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VJ Electronix推出适合大型PCBs的 最新Summit LXi

VJ Electronix, Inc., the leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection systems, announces shipment of the new Summit LXi, designed specifically for very large printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The Summit LXi carries forward the proven performance of the LX platform with a complete update to thermal process controls. Modeled after the SRT Micra and new Summit II, the LXi’s control system eliminates the affects of facility variations and supports more precise calibration, allowing process parameters to be readily shared between systems in multiple locations.

According to lead Systems Engineer Ernie LaFleur, “Our closed-loop control for heater gas flow combined with enhanced thermocouple feedback and a totally new strategy for heater power management gives us the ability to accurately match each system. This allows a process engineer to store centralized profiles on a host server to be accessed and used on Summit LXi systems anywhere in the world.”

The new SierraMate V9 software provides a simplified icon-based graphical user interface. Enhanced profiling tools make profiling easier than ever and give the engineer the ability to tweak profiles without having to re-learn. The standard network interface allows centralized storage of process files with easy access for multiple systems. The standard MES interface can be customized to meet most any specific requirement.

Unlike other large board systems that are adapted versions of standard systems, the Summit LXi platform is the only rework system designed from the ground up to rework large boards. The board support table has the capacity to support very heavy assemblies up to 24 x 36" (610 x 914 mm) and incorporates a large area 8.0 kW bottom heater for the fastest board conditioning.  Optional features include non-contact solder scavenging, a local bottom site heater, and a wide variety of tooling for everything from large connectors to micro passive devices.