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Alpha EF-8800HF焊剂使得厚制PCBs的波峰焊应用更加便捷

Alpha, the world leader in the development and production of electronic soldering materials, has developed a solder flux, ALPHA® EF-8800HF, as a solution to resolve assembly problems in the wave soldering process for thick, high density PCBs.

As reliability and component miniaturization concerns have resulted in the use of thicker PCBs in many processes, these boards have created electronic assembly challenges such as bridging, solder balling, achieving complete hole fill, pin testing accuracy and difficulty in meeting halogen-free process goals.                        EF-8800HF wave solder flux was created to help minimize these challenges and result in higher levels of process throughput and PCB reliability.

“ALPHA® EF-8800HF performs particularly well on thicker PCBs in terms of electrical reliability,” said Mike Previti, Global Product Marketing Manager for Wave Solder Flux.  “It was developed for spray fluxing applications, for both standard and low Ag SAC alloys, and has demonstrated stable performance even under long exposure to higher preheat and solder pot temperatures”.

ALPHA® EF-8800HF is a halogen-free, mid solids, alcohol based, no clean wave soldering flux that provides superior hole-fill, pin testing and solder ball performance while delivering excellent lead-free solder joint cosmetics with evenly spread, tack-free residue.  In looking specifically at halogen-free chemistries, Alpha discovered the resulting residues have increased reliability in terms of SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance) and ECM (Electrochemical Migration) versus similar products that contain halogens or halides.  This is significant considering the many challenges in assembling denser electronic assemblies meeting high reliability requirements.

For more information on ALPHA® EF-8800HF and our vast product offering, visit www.alpha.alent.com.  


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