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Stutensee, Germany - October 2014 – Digitaltest, renowned leader in In-Circuit Test (ICT), Flying Probe, bed of nail test systems, Functional Test and Production Software is announcing its latest innovative tool, FailSim. 

During the past year Digitaltest has continued to push the boundaries of performance, coverage and ease of use to a new level across all their test platforms. Digitaltest’s new developments include the AMU5 which, provides high performance 5th generation measurement capability for all our systems, New Flying Probe capabilities, enhanced CAD Translation and Quality Management Software.

Improving Test Program Quality
The whole idea of performing ICT or Flying Probe Test is to quickly find manufacturing issues while assuring product quality. But how do you ensure the quality of the test program?
Digitaltest’s new tool, FailSim, takes the analysis of fault coverage to the next level. By simulating defects, FailSim can provide the real-world test coverage on a live board. Identifying program, debug or, fixture issues that could be reducing fault coverage.
Human error, BOM changes, incorrect data, version errors can all cause reduction in fault coverage. If just one component value has been measured with the wrong parameters, defects can be missed. Other test conditions such as noise produced from surrounding devices can also cause problems and the test quality can no longer be guaranteed.
With Digitaltest’s new FailSim tool, ICT and Flying Probe users will no longer have this problem.
FailSim verifies that an existing ICT test detects failures on an UUT by simulating component defects (wrong value) by using HW simulation, by placing additional resistors/capacitors in parallel/series to the DUT (Device Under Test) while checking that the actual test statement detects the failure condition.

Customers can now be confident of the final product quality because FailSim assures the test program has the highest fault coverage. This tool in now available at Digitaltest.

About Digitaltest 
Digitaltest has been developing and manufacturing Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for electronic printed circuit boards (PCB), software for production automation and quality management systems for more than 35 years.
Digitaltest has created innovative and often pioneering solutions that integrate CAD, test and production to optimize the entire manufacturing process. Digitaltest also offers extensive service and support options, up to complete outsourcing of your board testing requirements at any of our facilities all over the globe.
Digitaltest hardware and software is being used in key industries including aerospace, avionics, automotive, telecommunications, medical, industrial and consumer electronics and more. With over 2000 installations around the world, Digitaltest is a trusted partner to the industry.

For more information visit – www.digitaltest.net

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