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TRI凭借TR7600LL SII 3D X射线检测产品荣获全球技术奖项

TRI, a leading test and inspection systems provider for the SMT industry, announces that the company’s leading 3D AXI system, TR7600LL SII, received a 2014 Global Technology Award. TRI’s representatives received the award at the SMTA International show held on September 30, 2014 at Rosemont, IL.

TRI is one of the preeminent suppliers of test and inspection systems to the electronics manufacturing industry in China, and, as the only total solutions vendor—with SPI, AOI, AXI, MDA, ICT & FCT systems—TRI places an emphasis on maintaining an agile service and support network to provide rapid response solutions to customers in the Greater China region and throughout the world.

The TR7600LL SII is the definitive answer to the increasing demand for 3D X-ray inspection of PCB assemblies in the EMS industry. Offering inline inspection of particularly large and heavy board assemblies, it combines TRI’s patented digital tomosynthesis technology and intelligent automated software to allow fast and easy inspection of complex multi-layer assemblies in a single cycle.

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