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Aqueous Technologies11月份最终清洗及可靠性在线研讨会开始报名

Aqueous Technologies, North America’s largest manufacturer of fully automated cleaning/defluxing machines and cleanliness testing equipment, announces that registration is open for the fifth and final webinar of its five-part Cleaning and Reliability Live Webinar Series. The “How Clean Is Clean (Enough)” webinar is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 from 1-2 p.m. EST. Mike Konrad, Aqueous Technologies’ CEO, will discuss the following topics during the 60-minute presentation:
• Historical cleanliness testing techniques
• Making cleanliness results relevant in 2014
• Establishing appropriate cleanliness levels
The subject of "How Clean is Clean" is a "hot" topic. The fact is, clean enough for one product may not be suitable for another. This live webinar will review the current cleanliness evaluation methods, cleanliness specifications and their modern-day relevance. Cleanliness levels affect reliability. Quantifying cleanliness levels provides insight into future product reliability.
While this five-part webinar series is offered free of charge, registration is limited. Register now to reserve your “seat” and get the benefits of this valuable presentation series without having to leave your office.
For more information about Aqueous Technologies, visit www.aqueoustech.com.

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